Internet Surveillance News

I spy… — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) February 15, 2013 25 Apr 2015 Pirate Party Australia’s guide to protecting your online privacy under the Australian government’s new mandatory data retention scheme. 25 May 2015 Senator Scott Ludlam learned about Tor, VPNs, PGP and OTR at a cryptoparty in Sydney. 28 May 2015 Apple co-found Steve Wozniak says Australia’s data retention […]

Preventing VPN leaks on Linux

In a previous post I showed how a firewall app on Android can prevent metadata leaks when you connect to a wireless network but have not yet connected to your VPN. This guide achieves the same goal with OpenVPN or Torguard Lite on a Linux PC, blocking all outgoing connections and then allowing connections only […]

Preventing VPN leaks on Android

If you connect to the internet through a public WiFi hotspot, or at school or at work, the metadata and contents of your online communications can be intercepted and viewed (or altered) by the network operator or another malicious party on the network. If you connect from an Australian residential address or personal mobile device, […]