Is it safe to use Steam?

In a 2016 presentation at the Usenix Enigma security conference in San Francisco, Rob Joyce – head of the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations – stated that the popular PC game distribution service Steam can be used by the NSA to remotely access your computer and the networks it is connected to. For anyone who values privacy and security but who also wants to play PC games, this has been problematic. Until now?

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Raijintek Morpheus II: Cooling Vega

RX Vega 56 launched in August 2017 with a blower-style stock cooler that is incapable of adequately handling the excess heat from this GPU at its full performance level. The default settings deliberately limit the power consumption and fan speed to keep it running comfortably within its physical limitations. Can it be improved with a different GPU cooler?

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The Matrix Trilogy: A Man-Machine Interface Perspective

This essay was written by SFAM, founder of the defunct website on February 4, 2006. See the original at the Internet Archive.

Overview: Since online debate around the Matrix Trilogy has been beaten to death, I’m guessing by now you’ve already long ago made up your mind on whether you liked or hated The Matrix and its subsequent sequels. Truly, whatever you decided is fine with me. As it turns out, I love them and generally think they’re great. And NO, I’m not really interested in having a Matrix Sucks/No You just don’t get it discussion. Please start a new thread in the Meatspace if you’re still interested in such banter. This essay is for something else – it’s about viewing the trilogy, specifically Neo, from a man-machine interface, or cybernetics perspective.

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Operating System support lifecycle

Windows 10 and CentOS 7 are good for about 10 years of free updates.

Operating System vendors provide free upgrades and security patches to keep our computers safe and functional during the support lifecycle. Some vendors announce the lifecycle ahead of time (see chart above), while others simply end support for old versions soon after each new release.

Without support your device gradually becomes less secure and less useful unless you can upgrade to a new OS version. Sometimes upgrading is not possible and you’re forced to replace a computer that isn’t broken.

To avoid troublesome upgrades or early obsolescence, always choose an operating system with a long planned support lifecycle. Windows 10 and CentOS Linux 7 will receive free security updates for the next 10 years.