Internet Surveillance News

25 Apr 2015 Pirate Party Australia’s guide to protecting your online privacy under the Australian government’s new mandatory data retention scheme.

25 May 2015 Senator Scott Ludlam learned about Tor, VPNs, PGP and OTR at a cryptoparty in Sydney.

28 May 2015 Apple co-found Steve Wozniak says Australia’s data retention laws are unethical.

31 May 2015 Information about Australia’s Pine Gap spy base, and its role in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

2 Jun 2015 Apple chief Tim Cook criticises Google and Facebook over business models that undermine users’ privacy.

11 Jun 2015 Australian government will begin blocking websites it does not want citizens to see, starting with digital piracy sites.

15 Jun 2015 The Intercept’s guide to encrypting your laptop.

23 Jun 2015 Cryptographer Bruce Schneier explains why encryption is important.

6 Jun 2015 A report from the United Nations suggests that states should protect the rights to privacy and freedom of opinion and expression by prohibiting restrictions on encryption and anonymity.

5 Jul 2015 The company Hacking Team was hacked, their hacking tools leaked online and used by other hackers.

6 Jul 2015 Tor Project responds to the news that Hacking Team was trying to hack the Tor anonymising web browser.

14 Jul 2015 A guide from The Intercept about encrypting your communications.

27 Jul 2015 The Hacking Team leaks show that at least four Australian companies have tried to sell spyware and surveillance tools to Australian law enforcement.

16 Aug 2015 How your phone’s metadata produces a very detailed picture of your life.

10 Sep 2015 You can now use a 3D printer to create copies of the TSA master keys that unlock all TSA-approved luggage, perfectly illustrating the problem with master keys.

11 Sep 2015 You should be using a different complex password for every website and managing them with a password manager.

17 Sep 2015 Wired’s guide to ransomware, the thing that will delete all your files unless you pay a ransom.

25 Sep 2015 GCHQ tried to monitor the entire internet to profile users and identify suspicious activity.

28 Sep 2015 Australia’s mandatory data retention scheme might be too costly for smaller internet providers to implement, forcing them to merge or go out of business.

5 Oct 2015 Snowden says GCHQ can take control of smartphones and there’s very little you can to to stop it.

7 Oct 2015 Qubes OS is a Linux system for your computer that protects you from hackers by isolating programs in virtual jails.

10 Oct 2015 Facebook buys “USB condoms” for its employees to protect their devices from being hacked by public USB chargers such as in airports.

15 Oct 2015 NSA can break trillions of encrypted Web and VPN connections due to weak algorithms.

15 Oct 2015 Australia is accessing private internet data gathered by the NSA even more than Britain, according to Snowden.

15 Oct 2015 Bruce Schneier talks about his new book “Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World”.

18 Oct 2015 A timeline of Australia’s expansion of national security power.

20 Oct 2015 Some information about Australia’s national facial recognition database, code name “The Capability”.

30 Nov 2015 Tor Project explains how academic researchers affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University attacked the Tor network.

22 Dec 2015 Researchers find a backdoor in Juniper firewalls, probably put there by NSA.

30 Dec 2015 US politicians don’t like surveillance when they are the target.

Jan 11 2016 A brief history of governments hacking human rights organisations.

Jan 17 2016 61 separate departments and agencies have applied for access to data collected by Australia’s metadata retention scheme.

Jan 23 2016 The logos used for US spy satellite launches are… interesting.

Jan 25 2016 The Hacker News explains that Apple and the US government can still read your encrypted iMessages if you enable iCloud backup.

Jan 25 2016 ProPublica’s guide to improving your internet security.

Jan 27 2016 Computer science researcher says encrypting your email with PGP makes you a target for more NSA surveillance.

Jan 28 2016 NSA chief explains how to protect your system from the NSA.

Feb 1 2016 Ars Technica looks at potential security problems with the “Internet of Things” – a term for objects that should not have internet access but do, such as fridges and doorbells.

Feb 8 2016 UK and US governments working on agreement for live intercepts of British conversations on US services such as Facebook and Google.

Feb 13 2016 UK court says GCHQ is legally allowed to hack anyone.

Feb 17 2016 NSA is using metadata to select targets for drone strikes.

Feb 20 2016 TorrentFreak compares VPN services to find out which ones take your anonymity seriously.

Feb 22 2016 The NSA has a backup of all your private data in Utah. It experiences 300 million hacking attempts per day.

Feb 26 2016 British student visits UKIP website at school, flagged as potential extremist, questioned by police.

Mar 8 2016 China is using surveillance data to build citizen profiles that predict antisocial behaviour before it happens.

Mar 9 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics plans to retain the names and addresses of census participants for longer than normal, without explaining why.

Mar 31 2016 Reddit had a “warrant canary”, a statement on their website stating they had not been asked to hand over users’ data to the government. That statement has been removed.

Apr 5 2016 WhatsApp has enabled end-to-end encryption for all users. Does not protect your metadata.

Apr 8 2016 Ransomware is getting worse. Backup your data.

Apr 10 2016 CIA invests in DNA-harvesting cosmetics company, CEO says “unsure of the intent of the CIA’s use of the technology”.

Apr 11 2016 The Atlantic explains how going cashless (i.e. using only electronic forms of payment) enables greater surveillance.

Apr 14 2016 The non-profit SSL certificate authority “Let’s Encrypt” is making it easier to encrypt websites, for free.

Apr 18 2016 The state of NSW, Australia, is considering replacing physical drivers licenses with a smartphone app. So you have to unlock your phone and hand it to someone to identify yourself.

Apr 20 2016 Australia’s new Cyber Security Strategy includes a plan to “shut down safe havens”, whatever that means.

Apr 28 2016 A former Tor developer may have been working with FBI to de-anonymise Tor users.

Apr 28 2016 After the Snowden revelations, Americans began self-censoring their google searches out of fear of government surveillance. See: chilling effect.

May 3 2016 Snowden: “The most powerful institution that humanity has ever witnessed has also become the least restrained”.

May 15 2016 The US government has been operating hidden microphones in public places.

May 23 2016 ABC MediaWatch looks at Australia’s secrecy laws.

May 26 2016 Smartphone surveillance technology used to target anti-abortion ads at pregnant women.

Jun 5 2016 Security flaws in Telegram may be putting Iranian journalists at risk.

Jun 22 2016 Mark Zuckerburg tapes his webcam and microphone for privacy, and you should too.

Jun 22 2016 The Intercept explains why Signal‘s metadata policy makes it the best private messaging app.

Jun 27 2016 The US wants to inspect tourists’ social media accounts before they enter the country.

Jul 3 2016 Former NSA employee: “People don’t want to think about being targets on the internet, [but] at this point in the game, everybody is.”

Jul 24 2016 If you monitor everything your child does on the internet, does that teach them to accept government surveillance? A parent’s perspective post-Snowden.

Jul 27 2016 Stealing keystrokes from wireless keyboards.

Jul 28 2016 Using a VPN to avoid government surveillance is now illegal in UAE.

Jul 29 2016 Software used in the US to predict future criminals is biased against black people.

Jul 30 2016 Did you put tape over your webcam like Zuckerburg? This guy didn’t…

Aug 1 2016 Meet Moxie Marlinspike, creator of the encryption scheme used in Signal and WhatsApp.

Aug 1 2016 A look at the privacy implications of supermarket loyalty cards.

Aug 6 2016 US Department of Justice official tells federal judges to use Tor to protect their privacy.

Aug 8 2016 Tips from Electronic Frontier Foundation on avoiding phishing attacks.

Aug 8 2016 This app for Android devices can record audio 24/7. Be careful what you say near a smartphone.

Aug 11 2016 Melbourne University has admitted it’s tracking its students and staff via their mobile devices.

Aug 14 2016 A pro-democracy campaigner is the first person in the world to be publicly identified as a target of the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program.

Aug 21 2016 Hackers use photos from Facebook to fool facial-recognition login.

Aug 24 2016 Baltimore police are using persistent airborne surveillance to identify suspicious activity.

Aug 24 2016 NSA hacked, hacking tools leaked, used by hackers to hack.

Aug 30 2016 All Dropbox passwords from the year 2012 are now available to the public.

Sep 1 2016 Bruce Schneier says we would all be more secure if people like NSA and Hacking Team reported the vulnerabilities they found so they can be fixed, instead of hoarding them as weapons.

Aug 31 2016 Kali Linux 2016.2 released. This Linux system is used by the fictional hackers on “Mr Robot”.

Sep 7 2016 Can the government read your phone and WiFi signals from space? Maybe.

Sep 12 2016 Android devices with “Google Play services” installed can track your location even if you disable location tracking.

Sep 12 2016 Maybe you can’t even trust the CPU in your computer.

Sep 15 2016 GCHQ plans to build a national firewall for the UK, just like China.

Sep 20 2016 Tails 2.6 is released. This Linux system protects your privacy by sending all internet traffic through the Tor network.

Oct 2 2016 Australia Collects More Metadata, Intercepts More Calls Than U.S.

Oct 10 2016 According to Scotland Yard, teaching people to use encryption could be an act of terrorism.

Oct 11 2016 “Internet of Things” devices are now being hacked and used to attack other networks.

Oct 17 2016 VeraCrypt is a secure replacement for Truecrypt, if you can’t use BitLocker or FileVault.

Oct 23 2016 The company Endace is helping governments spy on people’s private emails, online chats, social media conversations, and internet browsing histories.

Oct 24 2016 The company DarkMatter is developing tools to track, locate, and hack basically any person at any time in the UAE.

Oct 31 2016 The company Cellebrite is helping the FBI to break into Apple iPhones.

Oct 31 2016 The Shadow Brokers hacked the NSA and released a list of servers that were hacked by the NSA. The top 10 targeted countries are China, Japan, Korea, Spain, Germany, India, Taiwan, Mexico, Italy, and Russia.

Nov 6 2016 More shenanigans from the Five Eyes.

Nov 7 2016 1.1.4 is released. This chat program encrypts your messages and also hides your metadata, meaning no one can know who you’re talking to.

Nov 12 2016 Lots of Americans install Signal after Trump wins election.

Nov 14 2016 The Intercept’s advice for activists concerned about privacy under the Trump administration.

Nov 17 2016 The UK parliament has passed the Investigatory Powers Bill, the most extreme surveillance law in our history.